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Friday 1 July 2011

Comment on FT Editorial About Skills and Employment

We start with a premise that is undeniable: - that the level of interdependence of individuals on one another in our societies (still overwhelmingly and decisively "capitalist" in nature) is the highest that it has ever been in human history. It is quite simpli impossible even "to imagine" our lives without the ubiquitous division of social labour that permeates every aspect and every instant of our lives.
And there is no denying that as this "inter-dependence" - what we call "inter-esse" or "common being" - expands and deepens it touches ever more "global" aspects of human being on earth - matters that concern not just the very survival or reproduction of this (still capitalist) society, but also the survival of the entire ecosphere.
What we notice each and every moment of our lives, therefore, is that our ability to control and to command "technology" and to bend it to serve our needs - human needs, not the needs of capital, of "profitability" - that our ability and capacity to deploy scientific and technological and human energies to truly "human" purposes is growing astronomically, exorbitantly. And yet we still have people such as the FT Editors here (and I will refrain from bestowing uncomplimentary epithets to them here so as to deny them the chance to gag me again) - we have people such as these trying to "sell" to us the old, fantastic, colossal lie - that is what it is, a lie pure and simple - that we simply.... (you will not believe this!) we simply "lack the necessary skills" (!!!) to be employed!!!
And this at a time, dear friends, when there are hundreds of millions of us (us!) who are... "Unemployed Intellectuals"!!!  In other words, most of us hold enough degrees individually to plaster the walls of any of Berlusconi's villas!!!
We are told - my dear and valourous friends - that we are not GOOD ENOUGH!!  We are not "good enough" for this lousy filthy ignoble cowardly society of capital!!
We are ANGRY! But anger is not enough. Let us start understanding this society before we can bring it down. (We are constructing a site for the purpose at . See you there.)

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