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Wednesday 27 July 2011

"On Passing-By" David Pilling's Imbecillity On the Financial Times

Wittgenstein famously wrote that what is "unspeakable" we must "pass over in silence". Nietzsche shook off his "monkey" in Zarathustra in an aphorism titled "On Passing-By". Should we also "pass by" the ineptitude and sheer callous inveterate stupidity that David Pilling puts on display with his laughable "weltanschauung" every time he "covers" China? (By the way, after sustained criticism from Joseph Belbruno he had lately stopped doing so [Anderlini does a far better job now] - but he is now "stealthily" wriggling his way back.... from "South-East Asia"!)
Why does he say that the US is "stealthily" making its way back into regional politics when, in actual and devastatingly evident "fact", the China Sea region has been "policed" by the US since World War Two even more than "Checkpoint Charlie" in Soviet-Era Berlin?
And why-oh-why should the US try "prissily" and "timorously" not (in Pilling's creative parlance) "to ruffle China's feathers"? Is it not a "fact" - or have we missed something - that the Chinese dictatorship is losing ground, influence and now even "face", not only in the world, not only in the "region", but also and above all.... at home! with its own people! as each new "disaster" from inflation to "train-wrecks" (prophesied, alas, also by Belbruno) begin to occur each day that .... "passes by"...????

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