Commentary on Political Economy

Sunday 3 July 2011


Heartfelt thanks for visiting this site. As you can see, it is still under construction. A lot more material will be posted over coming days and be "categorised" as best we can.

Some of the material may not be easy to read - it represents the results of decades of reflection and study (sine ira et studio) by Joseph Belbruno who was too busy earning a livelihood as a lawyer for many years before he became finally free to dedicate himself to the spread of progressive ideas to improve the reality that surrounds us.

One of Joseph's aims will be to start a series of "Lessons on the Critique of Economics" that will seek to outline as simply as he is able to do the principal concepts from which the main ideological and political "strategy" of the leaders of capital, and that go under the name of "economics", can be understood, criticised and replaced with "our own" strategic thoughts that we can then seek to develop into a "political philosophy of praxis" with which to transform our world.

Some of this material will be taken from works that Joseph has been developing over the last two years. The overall project is called "Krisis: Exegesis and Critique of Capitalism" which will include chapters on "Theories of Civil Society", "Philosophical Antecedents of Equilibrium Analysis", "Techne and Poiesis: Marx's Grundrisse As Political Project", "Origins of the Marginal Utility Revolution", "Wittgenstein, Language Games and Game Theory", "Rationalisierung and Demokratisierung: from Weber to Hayek". One of the chapters of this very large work is very close to completion and will be published as "Umwertung: On Nietzsche's Transvaluation of All Values" - and excerpts from this difficult work will be published here very soon.

With all the distortions that the bourgeoisie heaps on it, unravelling a truer picture of social reality is difficult and can sound complicated. We will try our best to present the analysis here in a manner that is acessible to most people without sacrificing the acuity and penetration of the analyses and critiques. Please feel free, and we welcome immensely your participation in this, to provide comments and suggestions to improve the presentaton or to elucidate the concepts presented here. Ciao to all!

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