Commentary on Political Economy

Friday 26 August 2011

Bernanke and QE3

The battle-lines are drawn. We have "the confederacy of bourgeois dunces" on one side trying to intimidate Bernanke into inaction simply to preserve a "status quo" that is fast slipping out of their control. And the amasing thing is that bourgeois economists vote "with their heads" against QE3 just as steadfastly as the "markets" vote "with their feet" in their precipitate "liquidate everything!" of share exchange rout!

You really have to grant it to these utter morons, idiots and bastards who would rather "save their insane science of capitalism" than actually save the Titanic of capitalist industry and society as it sinks! The utter irrebuttable reality is that only quantitative easing, only the control and command that "money" and the power to create money gives is what stands between the survival of this system at the moment and its complete and ignominious COLLAPSE!!!

Bernanke knows his history of the capitalist wconomy well. And he knows it at its direst moments. That is why he will not fail. He knows that the only thing that can rescue this insane system is if the "creditors" and the corporations that hold social resources "privately" are forced at the point of the inflationary gun to spend their money or forever lose their "resources"! More on this later, friends.

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