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Thursday 20 October 2011

...And Now For The Chinese Leadership!!

Now Gaddafi - the blood-thirsty dictator with whom that other gang of bandits - the leaders of Europe from Blair to Berlusconi!!! - had consorted is gone, there is another group of bandits that must suffer the same fate! The leadership of the Chinese dictatorship - with whom Western capitalists are all-too-eager to consort!!! Let this be our New Year's Resolution!!

We must record here our profound distaste at the shameless and shameful repulsive display that the bourgeois press is making of those horrid pictures of Gaddafi. The fact that he was probably shot in captivity is itself something that ought to be looked into - it may well amount to murder. But it is the height of human degradation and debasement when the very publishers who not so long ago were fond of propagating stories about the "quirks and follies" of Gaddafi the rich desert sheikh as he strutted the world stage welcomed and embraced by - yes, by our "democratically-elected leaders" - all this is something that ought to remind us of how ready and willing the bourgeois press is to trumpet its sheer brutality and nihilism. This is not the "democracy" we want. For this we are also "indignant"!

Fresh Post on "The Profit Motive and the Entrepreneurial Spirit" coming in the next few hours.

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