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Tuesday 1 November 2011

Europe Betrayed!

It is impossible to watch the unfolding farce, the unseemly charade and bathetic tragicomedy that the so-called "summitry leadership" of the Eurozone has become without wishing to do something violent to these clowns and buffoons who strut the "world stage" only to display their impotence and powerlessness - but, alas, at the expense of us Europeans who grow every minute more "indignant" and viscerally disgusted by the entire filthy mess.

It was only a matter of hours before, seeing the craven and cowardly no less than rapacious unwillingness of European Finanzkapital and its execrable political myrmidons to take the actions that they know all too well are needed for a fair and equitable and lasting solution to the Eurozone crisis - it was only inevitable that the Greek government would do the only proper and honourable thing possible and ask its own citizens in a referendum to decide on whether to be reduced to slavery to repay the "debt owed" to Finanzkapital or call the entire bluff and default and free themselves from a burden that only the modus operandi of late capitalism placed on their shoulders.

These are scenes worthy of Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, as the EU Shylocks of Finanzkapital demand their "pound of flesh" from our Greek brothers and sisters going even so far as to suggest that they start selling their islands! Such is the vile absurdity, the patent insanity to which European Finanzkapital and its toothless rotten rats have come!!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! It is time for Europeans to express their indignation and stern opposition to the rule of this bastardly and dastardly "new aristocracy" of so-called "national leaders" parading in Cannes or in Brussels. First we bring down these bastards - and then we force them to cancel the London Olympics which - like all other "expressions of the human spirit" - have become more "photo opportunities for these mephitic bastards to uncover their filthy privates for the "social media"!!

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