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Tuesday 21 February 2012

Michael Pettis

Michael Pettis's Blog (at is unfortunately one of the very few "must reads" available in the blogosphere. Although its main focus is on China, Professor Pettis often and delightfully "expatiates" on other areas of political economic developments, trends and even "hypotheses and theories". When it went mysteriously "off the air" recently I was quite concerned - but mercifully the Blog is back at the site linked above.

I certainly recommend it to our friends because Pettis - who most probably would not entirely share our more "extreme" views, or indeed our more "philosophical penchant" - has an uncanny knack of coming up with analyses and conclusions that are far ahead, for acumen and accuracy, of those provided by most other pundits. Even in view of the fact that my own more "theoretical" pursuits make it difficult for me to engage in a running commentary on current affairs, I would encourage our friends (as I have done in the past) to peruse his blog for the more up-to-date analysis that I am either unable or unwilling to provide at present.

I will be posting some excerpts from Part Four of the Weber-buch that I think are quite enlightening. There is a lot of hard thinking to be done in social and politico-economic theory, and I feel it is my duty to persevere with this quest. After Weber, as friends may be aware, I will be turning to Keynes (some entries on his 'General Theory' are already available here) - so those of a more progressive 'Keynesian' persuasion may well be rewarded with more studies in that direction. Cheers to all!

PS: Quite by chance - just now as I posted this! - I have come across a piece in the Melbourne Age that mentions Pettis and discusses his conclusions on China. Here it is:

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