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Tuesday 25 December 2012

Hugh White, or How to Suck up to China and Make a Career of It

Of all the indecent and mesmerising imbeciles, impostors and sycophants - of all those miserable myrmidons who in any serious challenge to freedom and democracy instantly choose to sidle up with tyrants either because they fear what might happen to their heads if the tyrants succeed or else because they await anxiously and eagerly for any benefits tyrants may throw their way in case they do succeed - of all these bumbling morons with one foot in academe and the other in dementia - of all these utterly despicable bastards none takes a higher prize than Hugh White - Emeritus Professor of Pathetic Idiocy at the ANU in Canberra, Australia.

Just for the purpose of illustration I have filed here his latest collation of bestialities, non sequiturs and plain bad faith so that our friends may slag on this worm of an animal as well they might! Note that in all his indecent tripe that the Melbourne Age allows this dastardly beast to publish, he never allows his readers to respond to his utter and mephitic congeries of total garbage!

Well, here is our revenge then! And no doubt, friends, with your help, this expose' will instantly reach the top of the Google searches for this vile traitor of all democratic principles and ideals - this filthy dog who would have us creep like the larva that he is before the supposed might of the Chinese beasts in the Communist Party of China!

As for the "reasons" for this tirade, I have neither the time nor the inclination to go over the same old ground. Just search this post for anything connected with China (in the apposite search facility on the front page).

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