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Tuesday 10 May 2016

Comment On Janan Ganesh's Column in the FT

 Under the pretence of journalistic neutrality, in what is truly a galling abuse of press freedom, the nincompoop who is authorised by the FT to write this obscene dross does immense harm to critical thought. And that not because of some intrinsic merit in the hidden zealotru he peddles, but rather precisely for the reason that his comments are nothing more then garish trappings trappings wholly devoid of rhyme and most of all of any reason. Ganesh is a pompous prig (or should I say, prick?) whose commentary is an incensing foul offence to anyone with a conscience. In his world, in his deluded perspective, no evil, no abuse, no oppression is what it is: - evil, abusive, oppressive. Instead, Ganesh turns even the most diabolical crimes of the bourgeoisie into the neutral outcome of some sort of postmodernist charade of "progress", into something to which, however much it may victimise us, we ought to surrender without a struggle, without a fight - like lambs to the slaughter - in precisely the same way in which the Nazi dictatorship sought to persuade German society to accept extermination as ineluctable evolution.
I issue a warning and a challenge to Ganesh to visit my blog at eforum21 to check my counter-commentary to his insensate ravings. I have done it before with other egregious agents provocateurs of the FT - and I will do it again. Let's see how long this newspaper tiger lasts!

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