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Wednesday 11 May 2016

Janan Ganesh or, Baba Ganoush and Savage Capitalism at the Financial Times

Janan Ganesh is a spoilt child of the bourgeoisie. So much is evident from the rotten mephitis that he posts each week on the Financial Times under the benevolent eyes of his editorial paymasters. Baba Ganoush...oops, I meant Janan Ganesh (ha!ha!ha! I misnamed him for a Lebanese condiment!) and his bestial trivialities - too easy to demolish for me even to contemplate doing so, and thereby wasting my all-too-valuable time - would not be so nefarious but for the fact that the FT simply has too many of these good-for-nothing son-of-bitches who should be sent to Saudi Arabia for a shariah whipping. Another such weirdo kiddo on the FT payroll is Simon Kuper. I invite friends not to read their garbage but, if possible, to complain to the FT every time their mephitis is exhaled from the pink pages.

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