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Thursday 12 May 2016

The FT's Islamist Clowns At It Again - the FT bans ny comments again!...And Closes Roula Khalaf's Column To Further Comments....

The FT have closed the comments section to an article by Roula Khalaf maintaining that the election of Mr. Khan, a Pakistani Muslim, to mayor of London was evidence of the tolerance and meritocratic leaning of Londoners. Nothing could be further from the truth. Both Ms. Khalaf and another FT commentator, Janan Ganesh, whom we have dubbed "Baba Ganoush" for the insipid stupidity of his social commentary - both these characters display the culpable insensitivity of the Western capitalist bourgeoisie to the apocalyptic disruption caused by so-called "globalisation" - that is, by the craven avidity of Western capital in debasing the living standards of their citizens.

Capital - the bourgeoisie - deludes itself that capitalism is a politically "neutral", and therefore "tolerant", economic system that, by virtue of "the self-regulating market" is capable of letting the political sphere also regulate itself simply by not interfering with scientific economic arrangements - presumably those that benefit the accumulation of capital and therefore the bourgeoisie. In the liberal theory of Benjamin Constant - which we have reviewed in this Blog -, capitalists, and therefore "all citizens", are able to discipline their governments against interfering with the "market economy" by removing investments from delinquent nation-states.

Yet this theory is obviously incapable of explaining how simple capital flight can lead to the disciplining of nation-states if all nation-states begin to succumb to capital flight. Far from "re-balancing" political systems, capital flight is more likely to destabilise them and to lead to extremist governments. It is even less clear how capitalist nation-states can use free trade and capital mobility against less liberal nation-states - such as the Chinese dictatorship and the Middle Eastern theocracies - that merely pay lip service to free-market ideology but instead abuse them for mercantilist purposes, distorting trade only to bolster their own autocratic and dictatorial powers mostly against their own people.

This is the Trojan Horse that Western liberal bourgeoisies, in the name of "liberalism", have allowed within their own citadels undermining thus the very stability and threatening the very existence of their supposedly "democratic" liberal regimes. Liberalism is thus hoist on its own petard. This is a danger that we have sought to expose in this Blog repeatedly by examining the philosophical origins of Western liberalism as the essential ideology of capitalist industry, trade and society. The imminence and seriousness of the threat to millenary Western values of democracy, freedom and enlightenment is all too evident and too real. In the name of enlightened "tolerance" we are required to suffer the intolerable, in the name of "merit", we are meant to tolerate oppression and social disruption and upheaval, in the name of "multiculturalism" we are persuaded to adopt values that are pernicious to our very idea of human progress and freedom and emancipation.

Not only are these Western bourgeois myths insufferable and intolerable; they are also false and self-destructive. We must fight them with every fibre of our being - and so we shall.

Roula Khalaf together with Baba Ganoush - I mean, Imran Khan, no, that Ganesh imbecile - is attempting to soft-soap us with the kind of insidious garbage that makes the mullahs in Iran and the Saudi royal pigs truly proud: and that is the fable - nothing more than a fable - that "Islam is compatible with Western values" (really?) even if this idiotic duo of fanfare commentators acknowledge that "Islamophobia is on the rise". Contradiction in mid-breath! The reality is that western bourgeoisies - through "globalisation" - want to assuage and inure Western people to the Islamo-fascism and Asian totalitarianism that would enrich them at the expense of the democratic aspirations of Western workers and even progressive sectors of the bourgeoisie. They wish us to accept the unacceptable - the intolerable living conditions and misery and slavery that obtain throughout Asia and the Middle East. Know what? It ain't gonna happen. Turmoil is growing...."there is music in the cafes at night....and revolution in the air". Not only the FT, but the City bourgeoisie are so completely out of touch with the political hurricane that is about to hit them that they even take pride in what most Europeans view now as a clear and present danger, as an open threat not just to their living standards but to the millenary values on which their civilisation is founded. One must be entirely blind not to see that Islam and Western progressive values are entirely incompatible. And that what these fanatics try to peddle as "co-existence" is nothing more than an attempt to inure us to the standards of slavery and oppression that obtain in the Middle East and in Asia.

 Khan's election, against a City plutocrat (Goldberg or "gold mountain"!), far from showing the possibility of "co-existence" with Islam, exhibits in plain view the chasm that separates the City of London and its starry-eyed cringeful "progressive left" of the Labor Party from the true needs and political will of the country. It is the most blatant example of what Max Weber and Nietzsche called "Ohnmacht" - a will to powerlessness and political and social suicide that mercifully is not shared by the vast majority of Europeans who - in total despair - are turning to so-called "populist" movements - but movements that will shake the bourgeoisie just as much as they will destroy any residue of democracy in Western capitalist nation-states. Sleepers wake!

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