Thursday, 4 April 2019

En Garde, Lagarde!

Of course, the task, the duty, if not the very raison d'etre of the International Monetary Fund is to instruct governments the world over about the steps to take to ensure sound economic policies leading to "growth". Hence, Christine Lagarde's admonishment today that the Trump Administration's tariffs against the murderous Chinese Dictatorship are "counterproductive" because - wait for it - they are stifling global economic growth comes as no surprise. Now, apart from the fact that the world economy is headed toward a very steep precipice for the simple reason that global trade in a capitalist world order is really "the continuation of war by other means" and therefore, regardless of how many summits Trump arranges with The Chinese Rat-in-Chief, tariffs or no tariffs the result will be the same - a conflict between us and the Chinese rats: quite apart from all this, there is something that Lagarde and all the diplomatic do-gooders and "beautiful-soul internationalists" like her forget is that economic growth serves a purpose if and only if it serves to enhance the industrial-military might of a nation-state, unless that is you are not a cowardly European hiding behind the coat-tails and shield of Uncle Sam in case Czar Putin - and who knows, even Emperor Xi from afar - decides to send some tanks over into Western Europe in a reverse replay of Napoleon's and Hitler's "European Tours" - especially now that Mick Jagger (he is still alive!) has been taken ill and Ariana Grande is busy wiping her ass in her douche...

As we have sought to explain in this humble blog to all these erudite good-for-nothing bourgeois liberal economists (see our posts on Friedrich List), economic growth counts for exactly zero when, to paraphrase Mao - the previous large Chinese Rat - "political [and therfore economic] power grows from the barrel of a gun"! These "scientific" luminaries - who incidentally have never understood that science itself is "the continuation of conflict by other means" - forget that no amount of economic growth will save you if you don't hold that gun from the opposite end of the barrel and point it straight between the very large ears of a Xi or a Putin!

Which brings me to the next point: that no-one gives much of a hoot anymore about what Christine and her ilk are saying - because everyone is either trying to buy military hardware from Uncle Sam, or else is buying USA Treasuries....I really truly wonder why...!?

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