Commentary on Political Economy

Sunday 19 May 2019


As friends who join us on this Blog in ever-greater numbers would know, we have long been vitriolic critics of the "identity politics" that is slowly but surely destroying the historically progressive role of the Left across the globe, but especially in advanced countries. Anybody with an ounce of intelligence will find it all too easy to identify (pardon the pun) the calamitous flaws and faults with identity politics. In a nutshell, by exasperating the notion of identity (racial, sexual, religious) the rabid morons and imbeciles who misguidedly - albeit with perhaps less contemptible intentions - push this creaking wheel-barrow of forlorn utopian idiocies forget most damnably that political power comes only to those who can unite rather than divide! And identity politics, by definition, does nothing so well as to divide! It is divisive by definition because although gays may join lesbians in seeking political emancipation, and Muslims join Confucians in seeking religious freedoms, the fact remains that the interests of each of these "interest groups" are fundamentally divergent because they seek to exasperate a one-sided part of social life and foolishly believe that it can be extended to encompass every aspect of social life! (E.g., gay travel, lesbian sisterhood, vegan environmentalism, and so on ad libitum.)

The ultimate folly is that these wretched self-seekers - in their craven attempt to pervert, er, convert, the rest of society (the vast majority) to their particular and peculiar perversions or transgressions, do nothing in the process other than seek the tutelary protection of the one entity which they accuse of instigating and being the source of all their misery - the State! So here are people who wish to change the rest of society, the status quo, to their own one-sided, partisan lifestyle choices - here are these people seeking the partisanship of (wait for it) the State (!) to legislate so that the particular can become the universal! Small wonder, then, that bit by bit, far from turning progressive, most Western electorates are veering sharply to - the Right! The disastrous outcomes, the bitter fruit of identity politics can be seen everywhere from Trumpian America to Macronite France to increasingly neo-fascist tendencies in Eastern Europe - right down to the electoral triumph of the Liberal-National Conservative Party in Australia yesterday, and the troubling resurgence of Nigel Farage in Britain.

These themes we are painstakingly pursuing in our current series dedicated to political philosophy called "The Concept of Freedom". The next instalment is coming soon. We thank our friends for their continued support.

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