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Thursday 16 May 2019

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The imminent ban by the German Bundesregierung (Federal Government) in Germany of the obscene   Hijab or head cover imposed upon young girls born in Muslim families by their troglodytic, cavernously archaic oppressive parents is without doubt one of the best news I have read in a while. We have been pouring hatred, animosity and revilement on the God-forsaken repugnant Han Chinese race and culture of SLAVERY - 5000 years of dynasties they say? Fine. Time to put an end to them, then! The same goes for Islam. Here is one religion that either we obliterate now or it will do that to our civilisation as soon as these religious savages get a chance.

Friends will know that we have started a series of essays on ‘The Concept of Freedom’. Our next instalment is coming up soon. The perspicuous aim of these essays is to develop a rationale of political and philosophical opposition to the ‘identity politics ‘ that have undermined Left-wing thought and politics over the past two decades. Identity politics is not just a cul de sac, a dead end; not just a locus a non lucendo, a fire that will not burn. It is above all the desecration and self-abolition, the cultural and political suicide of Western civilisation and values that Nietzsche announced and denounced 150 years ago. Enjoy the reading!

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