Saturday, 11 May 2019


Whether by design or by inclination, President Trump and his Administration has got the measure of the fiendishly murderous, diabolically malevolent, virulently abominable, nefariously pernicious Han Chinese Dictatorship. I guess what they say is true: it takes a thug to stop a much more evil and deadly thug. Where Barack Obama (little bark, no drama) was a depressingly weak, hebetic, effete sophomore, Trump is the kind of mastiff (if not quite as dependable) that you want to show to that yellow-bellied Mandarin Rat-in-Chief in Beijing, and his hounds.

Trump understands what Mao always understood and preached: - to wit, that power - and that most certainly includes economic power - always leaps out of the barrel of a gun. Trump may be a thug. We may be candid, peace-loving freedom junkies. But what we need at a time like this is a President who, for whatever reason, is prepared to defeat and bring to its knees an enemy so dangerous and rapacious as the Han Chinese Dictatorship.

We shall not go into the theoretical reasoning behind this affirmation. God only knows that we have already gone into these at great detail - indeed, we would make bold, into far greater sophisticated and learned detail than possibly anyone on the face of this Earth has done in recent times. You only need to read our posts on Friedrich List, on Max Weber, and perhaps above all on Thomas Hobbes and Friedrich Nietzsche, to appreciate how much and deeply we have pondered the meaning and realism of the Will to Power. Not just from a philosophical viewpoint, but also and equally from a politico-economic, sociological and even anthropological perspective.

Yes. It is true. Trade wars harm all participants in economic exchanges. Yet what we must understand, at the risk of losing everything - our entire civilisation and livelihood, indeed, our freedom! - is that economics is a concentrate of politics! That politics comes long before economics does: just as there was no safety outside the church in the Middle Ages, so now there is no economic welfare without military power. This Machtpolitik, this Realpolitik, is something that the heinously cynical Han Chinese Dictatorship AND THE HAN CHINESE PEOPLE themselves (!) understand all too well by vice (not virtue) of what millennia of ruthlessly murderous and genocidal Empire have taught them!

We forget and are blind to this awful and ominous reality to our peril! It is clear what this vile and vicious Dictatorship and its people are attempting to do: nothing less than to enslave the entire globe, the entire world, much as they did in the Far East for thousands of years when their corrupt society went under the name of "The Middle Kingdom". Nothing resembling this totalitarian autocratic imperial brutality ever existed in the West unless it was threatened from the East: by Pharaonic Egypt first, then by the satrapies of the Persian Empire, then by the Islam of Al Andaluz, then by the Ottoman Turkish Sultanate and finally by the abhorrent hordes of Genghis Khan.

Once more we stand at a crossroads where Western Civilisation is mortally threatened by a singularly violent and truculent Dictatorship and its people! Do not be fooled! China is not a country. It is an Evil Empire run by a few kleptocratic Dictators for and on behalf of millions of ravenously hungry and sordidly miserably rapacious Han Chinese rodents! Let us all WAKE UP and fight this Evil until every single one of its cancerous cells is disintegrated to ensure that it no longer threatens our days and our dreams of a FREE SOCIETY and a benevolent humanity. Good week-end to all!

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