Monday, 3 June 2019


The dramatic revelations in The New York Times about the treasonous activities of Senator Mitch McConnell's Han Chinese wife and her double-dealing with the Rat Dictatorship bring to light in horrendous fashion just what kind of treatment and fate will await the Han Chinese Diaspora (expatriate Chinese) once the first shot is fired in the South China Sea. The story is too long for us to re-print here.

Apart from reminding our friends that the best Han Chinese is a DEAD Han Chinese, I would also warn the Han Chinese Diaspora that the time for us to BUILD OUR OWN CONCENTRATION CAMPS FOR TRAITORS is keenly hurrying near. Make no mistake, you rats! Our justice shall be as inflexible as it is merciless. We shall pitilessly kill each and every one of you rats - because you defile the Earth! Because you are baseless vermin!

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