Commentary on Political Economy

Friday 23 August 2019


The time for hesitating's through. We free people of the West have got to face the Evil of the Chinese Dictatorship squarely, stare it straight in the eye, and blast its brains right out, without fear for the blood that will spatter over our faces. We have to destroy this Demon right here and now. The Free World cannot afford to repeat the experience with Hitler's Dictatorship and Imperial Japan. We have to slay and slaughter the Chinese dragon right now, if we are to have any peace, if we are to protect democracy the world over, if we are to put an end to the insolence, the greed, the rapacity and genocide perpetrated by the Evil Han Chinese Rats from Beijing to Vancouver. The Han Chinese Rats are an Evil Race that sadly has been enabled and been made dangerous by the greed of Western capitalists eager to exploit any and every opportunity for profit-making. It is amply evident that without firm and powerful controls over a concomitant process of democratization of the Han Chinese polity - and the demolition of the Han Chinese Empire - this Evil Race would soon turn around to seek to impose its will to power over the entire globe. The time has come - not a minute must be wasted - for us to confront this Evil, to destroy this Demon, to slay this Dragon here and now!
All Han Chinese Rats living in Western democratic republics are spies and traitors! They must be ordered to leave our republics forthwith or else be interned in concentration camps and be slaughtered like the rats, worms and maggots that they are! No truce, no compromise, no mercy for Han Chinese Rats! They must learn to fear us. They must learn to bow and beg and kneel and implore us to spare their lousy worthless lives!
Han Chinese Rats know one thing only - sheer ruthless violence, which is what they perpetrate against Tibetans, against Uighurs, and now the people of Hong Kong - daring even to threaten Taiwan and all of South East Asia. We must rise with blind ferocity and annihilate this Race of Rats and Worms before they infest the planet. These slaves know and kneel only before Might - and Might is what we must hit them with to shred them to smithereens!

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