Sunday, 25 August 2019


You have got to give him credit. The rogue in chief certainly has style! After declaring earlier today to the assembled world media that he had "regrets" about the trade war with the Evil Han Chinese Dictatorial Empire, the usual suspects - from The New York Times to the Washington Post to, what else, the Guardian, but also the Wall Street Journal who are a bunch of free-trade fanatics - had exultantly concluded that their inane, insane, asinine, cowardly objections to the trade war were absolutely on target and that Trump was in total, hasty and ignominious retreat on the matter...

Well, well, well...What difference do a few moments make in the life of a street-smart rogue like Trump - precisely the guy we need to blast the evil Chinese Rats to oblivion. It turns out, only a few minutes ago - now, this is a real coup de theatre like no other before in diplomatic history! - it turns out, right from the horse's mouth (no gifts for the Evil Rats there) that what he (Trump) meant was that "he regretted not having put the tariffs even higher and earlier"! HAHAHAHA!!! What relief!

As we have stated consistently for the last nine years, a war is a war! We, the free parliamentary democracies of the West, are and must be at war with the most insidious, torbid, pernicious, nefarious, murderous and genocidal imperialist dictatorship this sorry planet has ever known! It is a categorical imperative like none we have had before, for all freedom fighters to combat, destroy and annihilate not just the Han Chinese Dictatorship but indeed the entirety of the Han Chinese people! The reason for this apocalyptic statement I will clarify by and by - I am already composing a long piece on "the Asiatization of Life" where I outline in detail the reasons why Han Chinese culture and politics have posed a potential threat to global democracy and freedom right through the Han Chinese dynasties that go back thousands of years. Various historians have sought to explain and research the reasons behind this Asiatic Servitude and Slavery - the abasement of the human spirit - yet none have ever hit the mark in large part, I believe, for fear of sounding racist or xenophobic or whatever.

Of course, the rotten, craven, pusillanimous and traitorous European leaders at the G7 have been crying like slaughtered lambs that "the trade war is hurting us all". Of course it does, you slimy imbeciles! You rotten traitors! Every war "hurts"! But this is a just war, a war necessary for us to defend our Freedom - one that we will never relinquish for a mess of pottage or pieces of silver as all these heinous Judases would have us do!

If I may suggest, friends reading this Blog, can go back to our pieces on "The Concept of Freedom" and on "Identity Politics and Christianity" to try and glean, to tease out in reverse, as it were, the content of what I am going to write on this topic.

One item that must be of concern to our loyal friends is why we insist on the need "to kill" the Han Chinese people. Well, I do mean to provoke. In reality, what I mean is less apocalyptic and bloodthirsty perhaps. This is a war we are engaged in; a war we must win, like all just wars. And the only way of crushing the Evil Han Chinese is to defeat them in a number of highly specific ways: First, the Han Chinese Empire must be disbanded and dissolved. Second, Han Chinese culture and society - starting with the language and history - must be obliterated and be mummified and turned into museum pieces never to be revived again. Third, the Han Chinese Diaspora has to be reformed to ensure that they renounce forever both Han dynastic culture and history and any and all attempts to impose this on any other people anywhere on Earth. Fourth, Han Chinese need to be thoroughly integrated in the world society - which is now almost exclusively Occidental or Western - and in the world economy which is exclusively "market-based" and not mercantilist and imperialist.

More to follow on "the Asiatisation of Life".

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