Commentary on Political Economy

Thursday 22 August 2019


As everybody knows, the Rat In Chief, Xi Jin PIG, has sought to weaponise the Han Chinese migrant groups around the world in a desperate attempt to save the Chinese Dictatorship from its imminent and inevitable demise - all in the name of "the China Dream" which, of course, is and will remain an empty and fruitless dream but will indeed soon turn into the biggest, most horrifying "China Nightmare" that that poor part of the globe has ever known!

The reality is that the attempt by the Chinese Dictatorship and the Han Chinese themselves (!) to mobilise their support outside the bounds of the Chinese Empire will inevitably and is already infallibly turn the populations of all countries in which Han Chinese reside into predators for these uncivilised rustic Rats! It is already happening, and indeed the Wall Street Journal is today warning of such an imminent horrific denouement. The fact of the matter is that whilst the number of Han Chinese Rats residing outside the Chinese Empire is very high, there are virtually no foreigners residing in China itself! The result is that Han Chinese will soon become - as a direct result of the foolish, insane desperation of the Chinese Dictatorship! - hostages in the hands of the nations in which they reside. I leave it to your imagination to work out the horrendous implications of this development. While Han Chinese Rats begin to wave their flags in our free democratic countries, believing that our very democratic laws protect them from harm, in reality there is a growing, swelling, uncontrollable and unstoppable tide of resentment building up the world over against the Han Chinese Rats. And they are about to feel it!

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