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Saturday 10 August 2019

THE TRAITORS AT THE FINANCIAL TIMES - and the attempted Asiatisation of Western Life

This latest plum today from Michael Mackenzie from that coven of spineless cowards and lousy filthy traitors that goes by the title of “The Financial Times” in London:

What is necessary to break the pattern of escalation and retreat is a brutal market shock that prompts detente between Washington and Beijing and removes the uncertainty facing business investment and global trade. In that respect, a significant drop in US equities stands a better chance of convincing US president Donald Trump that his current course of action is not a winning hand. As Win Thin, at Brown Brothers Harriman, argues: “Simply put, China will not give in to threats and intimidation and so it will be up to the US to take a step back in order to move the ball forward.’’

Two things to note here: first and foremost, “business investment and global trade” for a coward like Mackenzie who deserves the noose for this alone come well before the absolute dire need to combat and annihilate the murderous Chinese Dictatorship – here and now!

The second point is that, to paraphrase the words of Win Thin (what a name, folks! “Win Thin”! Hahaha!) – a coward to the second degree cited by a traitor like Mackenzie, an ideal combination! – “the West will be the first to surrender because the Chinese Dictatorship is sure to subject its Han Chinese Rat Slaves for far longer than the Free Citizens of the West can”.

Just ponder for a moment the double standard – the sheer putrescent treachery of these verminous maggots who ought to be slaughtered like the pigs they are!

In a few words, because Hitler or Mao or Stalin or Pol Pot could outlast Western democracies in the suppression of their own people – why, for that reason and for that reason alone! – we should here and now (hic et nunc) wave the white flag and surrender to these Ugly Beasts, to this Rotten Mephitis, to this Inhuman Filth, to these Ruthless Murderers, just to spare us the pain of “lower business investment and shrinking global growth”! UN-BE-LIV-ABLE!

I hope I never cross paths with abominable lousy vermin such as these two chaps, folks. Because if I do, I tell you here and now that I will not be responsible for my actions!

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