Commentary on Political Economy

Wednesday 28 August 2019

The Western Bourgeoisie Has A Death Wish

As we have sought to show with our series on "The Asiatisation of Life", the Western capitalist bourgeoisie has long dreamed of achieving what Asiatic autocratic and totalitarian regimes have long enjoyed: - the total enslavement of their subject populations. This goes, of course, from the Brahmin in India with their caste system to Thailand and Cambodia, to - of course! - the murderous Chinese Dictatorship.

The news today that a Rat Han Chinese TV "News Channel" (hahaha!) is to start broadcasting in Britain shows two things: first, the aforesaid wish of the Western bourgeoisie to turn Western democracy into Asiatic servitude; and second, by reason of the fact that Asiatic powers are much more successful - through longstanding socio-cultural institutions - in this dimension, the Western bourgeoise is slowly but surely and steadily signing its own death warrant.

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