Friday, 3 January 2020


The killing of a dog, Iranian general Soleimani, is a stroke of genius on the part of President Trump. Just as the Han Chinese Rats were cosying up to the Middle East, here is a strike at their putrid evil heart. With petrol rising, the inflationary effect on Ratland will be like a nuclear strike on Beijing, while all the time it increases US revenue from shale gas exports!
High time we ended the shilly-shallying around the Tehran high priests of murder and terrorism  and we went straight for regime change!
The strike is also a dagger planted in the heart of vicious recidivist cowards such as the West Europeans who like to hide behind Uncle Sam's coattails and let US soldiers spill blood to defend their sordid interests and their purist democracies - and the Arab Muslim autocracies safely exporting their petrol~mosques the world over! Enough is enough! Let us overthrow these putrefying regimes once and for all.

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