Sunday, 2 February 2020


I know, you know, everyone knows, and everyone knows that everybody is common knowledge that the disgraceful figures spewn out by the Han Chinese Rat authorities about the number of contagions and the number of deaths in Ratland are SHEER PURE UNADULTERATED POLYUNSATURATED GARBAGE!

In reality, the number of contagions in Ratland by now must be way about ONE MILLION...and the number of deaths...

Well, suffice to say that probably in Ratland right now we are approaching the apocalyptic situation of the Black Death caused by the bubonic plague in Europe late in the Middle Ages which, as every economic historian like myself ought to know, decreed and sealed the end of feudalism and the beginning of capitalism because the population was halved!

One good way of telling what is happening in China in terms of mortality would be to look at the number of funerals being arranged, or rather, the number of cremations - assuming that funeral service providers are willing to take the risk to deal with what are surely infected and infectious dead bodies! Oh, and that poor Chinese families have the financial resources to arrange for such disposals! Dear God!

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