Sunday, 2 February 2020


Let me briefly explain why the Free World must be pitilessly pour hatred on Han Chinese and why we must ensure that we bring these people to their knees until they beg for mercy - until, that is, we overthrow the Han Chinese Dictatorship, dissolve its Empire, and obliterate Han Chinese language and culture.

The reality is that the Han Chinese Dictatorship and Its People constitute the greatest threat to humanity that the world has ever seen at least since the Nazi German Dictatorship "and its People"! The reason why we emphasise "and its People" is that it is a mistake of colossally catastrophic proportions to assume that totalitarian regimes are to be distinguished from their People and that indeed their People oppose them because them are oppressed by them! This assumption is entirely false in historical terms because the historical record shows that totalitarian regimes, especially in their earliest expansionary stages, enjoy the overwhelming enthusiastic support of their populations despite their fierce elimination of internal opposition.

The very fact that totalitarian dictatorships police and repress and eliminate violently all political opposition domestically through the sheer imposition of Terror is itself indicative of the popular support they enjoy, if only out of fear and dread. Moreover, totalitarian propaganda and regimentation and manipulation and orchestration of everyday life and society also ensure that even in recession and defeat totalitarian regimes enjoy the support and adherence of their People. In addition, invariably and inevitably, once Dictatorships run out of national resources to mobilise their populations and their economies, and indeed as part of their ideological bent to suppress internal opposition, they turn very rapidly to external expansion, imperialist domination and usurpation through the propagation of genocidal racist ideologies and policies. This "living-room" expansionist imperialist drive allows Dictatorships to re-direct the aggression and rapacity of their People outward toward an external Enemy of Evil or Devil (Xi Jin Ping just called the coronavirus disease "the Devil"!). And at least initially, in the phase of expansion, the People are all too willing connivers, accomplices and perpetrators of the genocidal racist drive instigated by the Dictatorial Regime.

Alas, this is precisely exactly unquestionably the Catastrophe that is befalling the Han Chinese People. For us to be able to rescue this People from the Chinese Communist Party Catastrophe we must first defeat them and beat them into submission. Only then we shall be able to impose our Will, our Values and Democratic Standards on them. But to do so, we must first learn to hate! Hate with all our hearts! No war was ever won in the name of any Value or Ideal - humanistic or evil - without Hatred! Hatred, not Love (!) or Reason or Science is the only sentiment that can provide the Drive to combat Evil! Above all, we must fight the Powerlessness and Impotence of the Christian injunction "turn the other cheek"!

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