Commentary on Political Economy

Friday, 10 April 2020


When Albert Camus wrote his Nobel prize-winning novel The Plague (La Peste), the French writer and existentialist philosopher intended it to serve as a cautionary tale against the rapid spread of fascist totalitarianism in human societies. For Camus, the plague symbolised the enduring millennial permanence and persistence of the virulent plague of fascism throughout human history.

Of course, the most virulent and pernicious embodiment of the fascist totalitarian plague throughout the human ecumene over the last seventy years at least is constituted solidly and indisputably by the Chinese Dictatorship and its Han Chinese People. We place freat emphasis on the addition "and its Han Chinese People" because it is common amongst even the greatest and most vociferous opponents of the Chinese Dictatorship to draw a distinction between the Chinese Dictatorship on one side and its "people" on the other. As we have sought to establish repeatedly here, nosuch distinction can be made validly where historical dictatorships are concerned! Whether in the case of Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy or Soviet Russia, the historical record is overwhelmingly and incontrovertibly clear: for wach of these dictatorships, the German and Italian and Russian "People" were unquestionably and massively supportive and collusive of their fascist leaderships. There can be no doubt whatsoever that the vast majority of Germans were religiously supportive of Hitler; or that the overwhelming majority of Italians shared the delusions of Mussolini, and the Russians of Stalin's lunacy.

There can be no doubt whatsoever, no shred of a question, that the Chinese Dictatorship intended this Chinese virus from the very beginning to be nothing less than a declaration of war against the Free World. Through its acts and omissions, the Butchers of Beijing and their Han Chinese Rats intended to wreak as much havoc and inflict as much pain on the free parliamentary democracies of the West so as to undermine and sabotage our societies and our way of life!

Now is the time when - through a unique convergence of disasters (a "perfecr storm") the Chinese Dictatorship and its Empire are at their nadir, at their weakest and indeed awkwardly close to the precipice of social and economic catastrophe. Now is the time therefore at which we must endure any hardship, bear any burden, suffer any pain to bring this, the greatest Evil that humanity has ever faced in its history, to its inglorious and catacysmic end. Declare an economic and social and diplomatic war on the Chinese Dictatorship and its Han Chinese People now! Destroy the Chinese Empire! Bring the Han Chinese Rats to their knees and have them beg for mercy! Then, upon their inevitable surrender, tear up the Chinese Empire and establish in its place a system of independent Asian Republics on the model set by the break-up of the Soviet Union.

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