Commentary on Political Economy

Sunday, 26 July 2020


We have been warning for a while that the left-wing extremism that has been growing in many Western countries - from the US to Britain - in connection with various "causes" like "extinctionism", "black lives matter", "lesbian gay bi-sexual transgender" and the likes, will sooner rather than later result in a "reaction" from the wider sections of Western societites from low to middle classes and the more established sectors of the working class whose only and essential wish is for Sekuritat - for the "public safety", the salus publica that throughout historyhas been the foundational motivation for the rise of extreme right-wing authoritarian and eventually fascist regimes. 

Let me be extremely and severely blunt: those of our friends who falsely and naively believe that somehow they are "on the right side of history" are quite simply and disastrously kidding themselves! The crushing reality is that what all these outrageous cackles of claims are achieving is to create a groundswell of resentment against all left-wing causes from those sections of society that (a) have overwhelming economic power and (b) can muster the use of police and para-military and even military force. All these leftist "heroes" marching in the streets will dissolve like fog at first daylight once "the forces of order" are empowered to take care of them. And "take care" they will ! - With the overwhelming support of civil society which may have been broadly sympathetic to leftist causes initially, but will turn against these "heroes" with a vengeance and implacable blood-thirstiness once they put the Sekuritat and livelihoods and properties of the vast majority of the population at risk. 

Be warned! Now is the time to give up on these senseless, aimless, impotent and sterile "demonstrations" - which serve only to demonstrate your stupidity and your powerlessness. If "social progress" is to be achieved, you must first have the support of civil society and this support must take place and be expressed through existing institutions that can be changed slowly and piecemeal and above all peacefully. The alternative is the rapid rise of far-right political movements that will crush the likes of you - but above all and first of all "intellectuals" such as my good self - and swiftly dispatch us to the nearest hastily set up concentration camp! Cheers. 

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