Commentary on Political Economy

Thursday 10 September 2020


 Let us be clear. We are at war with the most deleterious, truculent,  vicious and vile, nefarious, murderous and genocidal Totalitarian Dictatorship this world has ever known. But it is not a Dictatorship that can be confined to the Communist Party of China's Politburo or to its 80 million  members.  No! This Dictatorship extends to the near entirety of the Han Chinese who are willing enthusiastic fellow travelers and henchmen for the Butchers of Beijing. Whether conscious perpetrators or brain washed myrmidons,  the horrifying reality remains that all Han Chinese are objectively complicit in the horrendous crimes of their leaders.  In these extreme and unprecedented and unfathomable circumstances,  given the magnitude of the danger posed to our very survival as free people, we the free peoples of the world cannot afford to waste time discriminating between innocent and guilty Han Chinese.  It is our solemn duty to treat all Han Chinese as our mortal deadly enemies. In this War, it is our moral duty to kill each and every one of these pests for the insuperable and unavoidable reason that it is either us or them. Those Han Chinese who wish to join us as comrades in arms against their vile murderous Dictatorship and its People are quite welcome to join us in this struggle to destroy the Han Chinese Empire.  You are with us or you are against us. There is no middle ground.  We will hound you down. We will destroy you. Because you have dared to threaten our freedom. Because you have already exterminated so many other people races and cultures. So far but no farther! We will not spare a single breath or heartbeat or muscle or nerve cell to destroy  you as a vile repugnant people who are, for the enormity of your crimes, hostes generis humanis, enemies of human kind. No pity. No mercy for you. Join us or we will destroy you.  We will kill you. Mercilessly. We will shoot across the field. Without blinking. Without tears for the roses...

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