Commentary on Political Economy

Thursday 18 March 2021


 It is an unseemly and thoroughly disgusting sight to watch some residents in the United States with links to the Chinese Dictatorship - most of them quite evidently brazen traitors or spies in the land that hosts them - seek to hide behind the screen of "Asian Americans" so as to spread their culpable complicity with the Chinese Dictatorship evenly to all other Americans of "Asian" descent. You will know that there is no such thing as an "Asian" in the first place - for the elementary reason that a person of Indian descent has nothing to share with one of Chinese descent or indeed with one of Korean or Indonesian descent: nothing whatsoever! Except - except for the fact that they all currently reside in America.

All persons of Chinese descent who currently reside in America, and especially those who enjoy the benefits and must bear the duties of American citizenship must know one thing: - unless you make public and embrace your unconditional allegiance and loyalty to the United States of America; unless you renounce any allegiance whatsoever to the Chinese Dictatorship and its People, you are either a traitor (in the case of citizens) or a spy, or both. Patriotic Americans will never spare you any sorrow or pain, any punishment unless and until you have demonstrated and exhibited publicly your allegiance devotion and unswerving loyalty to the American flag.

In particular, no subterfuge such as "we are discriminated as Asian Americans" will save you from the punishment you deserve as traitors and spies! Americans must take no pity, must spare no hatred against all those who endanger the lives and futures of their daughters and sons! If you are a Chinese rat currently residing in the US of A, two choices are open to you: either you return to the Chinese Empire in the warm embrace of the Chinese Dictatorship and the PLA, or else you will assuredly be visited with the punishment you fully deserve!

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