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Friday, 11 February 2022


 This article in The Guardian is the ultimate example of the incomprehension of these events by "the Left". What morons such as Greens and woke progressives fail to understand is that Qanon and "Freedom Convoys" are merely the offshoot of the undermining of social cohesion that they themselves! have been perpetrating for the past three decades! Although state authorities will try to suppress these "crazies" for now, eventually in the next phase it is these "crazies" that will cause a decisive shift to authoritarian governments. And the fault will belong almost entirely to the "lefties" who are working relentlessly to destroy Western societies by putting "human rights" against the only institution that can enforce any "rights" worthy of the name - the nation-state!

People who seek to promote rights and policies that undermine the nation-state will get a reaction that starts with "crazies" and ends with fascist squads or emergency powers (witness Canada's near state of emergency decreed by Ottawa and Ontario and demanded by Biden in phone call to Trudeau, and soon to be invoked by Macron in France).

Here is the article, incidentally:

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