Commentary on Political Economy

Tuesday, 1 March 2022

 "Non siamo insensibili al grido di dolore..." We are not insensitive to the cry of pain...

With these words, the then King of Savoy, Carlo Alberto, intimated the imminent entry of his State in the irredentist war against the Hasburgs occupying the Italian peninsula - a decision that led finally to the birth of Italy.

Similarly, it is only a matter of time before Putin's brutality in Ukraine will force the hand of the West to stare this murderous monster down and consign him  to the graveyard of history. For we cannot stay our hand in the face of such evil barbarity, nor could we bear the infinite shame of the cowardice that our inaction would haunt us with to the end of time.

"Hark, Vladimir! This is thy knell that summons you to heaven or to hell!"

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