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Monday 25 April 2022

 Hi Guys,

I don’t suggest you read the Krugman article below. Just a quick glance will do. You can see how “liberal progressives” in the US Democratic Party have a deep and RUINOUS incomprehension of what is happening in Western societies. The more they rant against “the deplorables” and their “crazy, irrational, insane fears and delusions”… the more those fears and delusions become ELECTORALLY and therefore politically devastating for the traditional progressive left!

People like Krugman simply cannot conceive - let alone comprehend! - that fear, however irrational, CAN BE REAL! And if people are insecure and fearful…and in a growing majority…THERE MUST BE A REASON! however “irrational” that fear might be!

Instead of addressing this seriously catastrophic developments (due also incidentally to the effects of “globalisation”, of which people like Krugman are MASSIVE beneficiaries), they persist in calling the growing mass of fellow citizens all kinds of…irrelevant attributes!

So long as they continue in this self destructive path, the Orbans, Erdogans, Xis, Putins, Le Pens of this world will just keep growing - until it’s too late to save people like Krugman from an awful end!

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