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Friday 8 April 2022


Note in the brief excerpt below from The Atlantic how both Axelrid and Applebaum, very literate people, start every sentence with "so". I keep saying that "so" can NEVER be placed at the beginning of an ANSWER. If at all, it can be used at the beginning of a question or a conclusion!

But this shows the pervasive stultification of language perpetrated and diffused by social media.

The irony is that these two characters are discussing...the pervasive destructive effect of social media!

Yes. I think Xi and Putin may be right...

"Axelrod: So let’s go back to your journey. So you began paying a lot of attention to this all over Europe.

Applebaum: So my colleague Peter Pomerantsev and I started a think-tank program, and then we moved it to the London School of Economics, and it’s now at Johns Hopkins."

I keep praising Anne Applebaum. She does an appreciable job, poor thing. We need all help we can get! 

If I had to be entirely candid, however, I could push her over an intellectual cliff anytime I wished! That's how impoverished intellect in the West has grown: - the effect of our "culture industry"...and now of social media as well.

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