Commentary on Political Economy

Monday 15 May 2023



Despite the mayhem that Erdogan, the Assassin Sultan, has wrought on the people of Turkey, it looks counter-intuitively, against most prognostications, as if he might be returned to head of state for one more desolate and cataclysmic term. Once more, the designs of the West, and more specifically of NATO members, on Turkey may end up on the dustbin of history – dashing early hopes that the nation on the Dardanelles may be brought back into the fold of civilized nations. The obvious question to pose is then this: why, in the face of the calamitous steering of his nation, and in spite of the obvious dangling carrot of one day joining the European Union much to their material benefit, are Turks renouncing the allure of Western economic and living-standard advances?

The answer that seems most obvious and plausible to me is that Turks at large are diffident, if not indeed averse, to the blandishments of Western ‘progress’. This is not hard to see, after all. I surmise that Erdogan need only screen a single episode of the Eurovision Song Festival to persuade the vast majority of his citizens-in-name-only that indeed European and American ‘civilization’ is not for them. – Because what goes under the name of Western advancement is nothing other than the corrosive spread of cultural degeneracy, legal deviance and transgression, and ultimately anarchic dissoluteness with consequent dissolution of social bonds and national unity.

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