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Thursday 30 June 2011

Gillian Tett on "The Crisis-State"

Finally!!! Gillian Tett at the FT has picked up on what I have been screaming out for the past two years!! That US finance is run almost entirely by.... "The State" (or "the Crisis-State"). Ms. Tett must be reading my commentary because this is not the first time she "pilfers" my ideas - the last time it was the notion of a "fracture" (she used the same word!) in US politics - something I had been "banging on" about for more than a year in the FT! Here is the piece, friends. See for yourselves!

I will post my FT posts on "The Crisis-State" shortly in the "theoretical" sections of this website. Thank you all for the great response. Soon we hope to open up comments. Ciao.

Incidentally, Chinese PMI has just come out - and once again I am proved right - the Chinese economy is in "contraction" mode. Happy anniversary to the murderers in the Politburo!

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