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Tuesday 23 October 2018

CRAVEN TRAITORS AT The Financial Times

On the week-end, the London Financial Times's Editorial Board published an extraordinary Editorial about the health of the Chinese economy. The Editorial was extraordinary in a number of ways - each one more mystifying than the other. Firstly, the propagandistic tone of the piece was not just rare - it was positively mesmerising in that it read like a paid advertisement on behalf of the Chinese Dictatorship. Next, the editorial left many readers entirely perplexed - something easily gauged from the commentary annexed to it - in that readers found it, again, extraordinarily, perplexingly ill-informed and tendentious. And this in a number of ways. The FT's Editorial Board simply made light of what to anyone but the most ill-informed and perhaps ignorant followers of the subject are the most glaring problems with the Chinese economy: - problems, I hasten to add, that if they were obvious to us a few years ago, have become utterly visible to everyone except, once again, the most uninformed or wilfully blind observer.

The fact that the Chinese economy, its financial system above all, is spiralling out of control is something that we are observing each and every hour. It is positively spell-binding the way in which the Chinese share market - which was always nothing more than a casino aimed at stealing valuable resources from poor but wishful Chinese investors - how this share market (do we dare call it that?) has quite simply ceased to exist. The top rats running the show for the Chinese Dictatorship are having to come out each and every hour to reassure their poor subjects that everything is fine and there is no need to panic. - Which is exactly what financial authorities - especially in dictatorships! - do each and every time their economic system is about to collapse!

Leaving the Beijing rats to one side - they will be hanging in Tiananmen Square in short order -, the fact that the Editorial Board of the FT should leap to the defence and safeguard of this most corrupt and murderous of regimes is something that we read in utter disbelief and ought to concern all free thinkers in the West! The question I should like to ask the FT is: - it is widely known that one of its members in particular - Mr. Martin Wolf - has been the beneficiary recipient of a lot of benevolent hospitality by the murderers in Beijing. The question is, then, what role did Mr. Martin Wolf have in the framing and writing of this quite extraordinary editorial? For it seems apparent to us, especially from the shrill and wholly erroneous tone and content of the piece, that someone has a personal interest in the formulation of these editorial opinions that flies right in the face of all economic and financial evidence!

That's all for the moment, even as we watch the Chinese share market collapse by another 2.5% todat! THE END IS NIGH FOR THIS HIDEOUS MURDEROUS DICTATORSHIP!

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