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Friday 16 November 2018

The Free World Vanquished Hun Racism: We Shall CRUSH Chinese Han Racism

Alea jacta est! With this fatidic phrase, Julius Caesar began the fateful crossing of the Rubicon river that marked the beginning of the civil war in which his Republican army defeated the Orientalist despotism of the Roman Senate temporarily dominated by the decadent satrap nobility of the Eastern Empire. Similarly, a generation later, Octavianus Augustus surveyed the battlefield of the slain Oriental armies at Pharsalus with the laconic "Hoc voluerunt!" - they willed it thus.

Then as now the free republican world is confronted by a fresh but thousand-year-old threat coming from the slavish Orientalism of the Communist Party of China keen to pursue a racist imperialist policy aimed at subjecting the entire globe to the vile domination of the Han race. Make no mistake! We shall and will crush these vile filthy rats and their abominable push for world domination. The racism of the Han race is nothing new: it is congenital to its millennial history of vile servitude and slavery; only that now it seeks to go beyond the confines of the Great Wall and cross the seas and continents to infect and invade our Republics. They shall not pass!

There is no merit in mincing words: just as the Free World hesitated too long in confronting the genocidal threat of Aryan racist imperialism poised by the demented Nazi Dictatorship, so now, in an effort to protect lucrative commercial and industrial deals with the beastly rats in Beijing, the Free World once again is hesitating in the face of this far more imponent threat. But things are starting to change quite dramatically: not a minute goes by now without some fresh political and military initiative on the part of governments and people the world over aimed at crushing the malevolent racist imperialist and genocidal drive of the proponents of the Chinese Han race. - Not a moment too soon, we must add. And the results are mercifully coming thick and fast and becoming as apparent to all eyes as the cancerous threat of the Han rats was earlier!

Here in this blog we are highlighting some of the major milestones in the fightback against Han imperialist and genocidal racism. In part, we are doing this by pointing to the threats present within our own polities - menaces that have deep roots in our own socio-economic and political and cultural order, which we review at a deep theoretical level. To all the friends and freedom lovers who follow us, from New York to Hong Kong, from Kenya to Sweden, a big thank you for your support, and an invitation not to desist from this fight against totalitarian forces that once more threaten the one value without which life is truly not worth living (Nietzsche would say, "not worthy of being lived") - FREEDOM!

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