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Wednesday, 25 May 2022


 Ross Douthat in NYT:

“…the American republic does appear sclerotic, stalemated, gridlocked and in need of some kind of conspicuous renewal…

Both right and left are reacting, in different ways and with different prescriptions, to the sense of crisis and futility in our politics, the feeling that surely some kind of revolution or transformation is due to come around — that God in his wisdom is overdue to send us a Lincoln or a Roosevelt and that the existing norms of our politics probably won’t survive the change.”

Unfortunately, for the entire West, it’s a case of…

“Così non si può andare avanti”.

Reform is overdue, if some kind of revolution, left or right, is to be avoided. But the reform must go in the direction of greater social cohesion: more economic equality and social solidarity; less, much less, identity politics and divisions - which, I insist on this point, are financed by elites as distractions from the important national tasks.

As an example, this NYT piece on “incivility” has the right order of priorities: distributive justice, (for America) racial and ethnic justice (almost inapplicable to Australia), greater gender equality. The writer duly leaves out “identitarian” garbage, which includes the tragic lie of “the right to bear arms”… because it distracts and, worst of all, it divides and enervates the polity.

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