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Friday 2 September 2011

Comment on John Ross at the Gavyn Davies Blog

John Ross is obviously aware of the "three B's doctrine" - "Bullshit Baffles Brains". And he gives a fantabulous demonstration in his reply to Tom below (who was actually raising an appropriate point about the impossibility of "mobilising resources forever" to obtain "export advantages" for the enterprises owned by the Chinese dictatorship - a point made by Paul Krugman in "The Myth of Asian Economies").
Ross invokes Adam Smith (a great place to start!) - and immediately gets lost in his own excrement... I mean "element"!
He speaks of "the division of labour". But there is no such thing. "Labour" is what it is - an activity that cannot be "divided" the way one divides a number! There is something called "social labour" - that is, the interconnection of the living activities of human beings - but that is a separate question into which I will not go because I cannot waste my time on Ross!
How on earth "technological progress" can ever be expedited by "the division of labour" is a mystery that only Ross's mystified mind can penetrate, lost as it is in "ideas' factory" (a meaningless banality if ever one was uttered!) and "intermediate products" - another ridiculous abstraction fresh from his besotted mind! Enough!
I really have no time for this twaddle.... and Karl Marx would turn in his grave if he saw me waste it like this!

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