Thursday, 20 December 2018

The West Must and Will Triumph: Break Up the Chinese and Russian Empires Once and for All!

It seems finally that most of the predictions we have been making on these pages are coming to pass. And they are doing so at a pace and intensity that is truly remarkable by world-historical standards. For years we had hammered the obvious truth that the attempt by the Western bourgeoisie to save capitalism from the insurmountable obstacle of class and wage antagonism by moving production to world regions governed by oppressive and ruthless dictatorships such as that of Maoist China would meet with the even greater debacle that those dictatorships would merely abuse such “globalisation” by strengthening their military-industrial complexes to the point where they began to challenge, however flimsily and unsteadily, those of the capitalist West itself.

It has now finally dawned, however belatedly and gropingly, on these Western capitalist elites that the survival of Western capitalism, not just that of what is idiotically and oxymoronically called “liberal democracy”, is imperilled by those criminal gangs of murderers - chief among them, the assorted pack of abominable beasts in Beijing - whom Western elites have entrusted with the supply chains of their industries and with the labour-power that, by extension, has served to lower wages in the West and then to provide bigger “markets” for Western services and goods.

As anyone can see from our pieces on Benjamin Constant an on Friedrich List, the bourgeois ideal of a world market in which capital could cross national boundaries unperturbed and untrammelled by political controls and obstacles - this naive ideal has finally been shown for the pathetic chimeric myth that it always was. It becomes clearer and more evident by the day, if not by the minute, that the only chance for Western capitalist regimes to survive the challenge posed by the Chinese Dictatorship, aided and abetted by the Russian one under the Czar Putin, is to asphyxiate them financially by causing a new and deeper financial crisis that will lead to the collapse of these dictatorships already impossibly indebted and rapidly running it of funds and resources to maintain and preserve their “empires”. Neither China nor Russia are or have ever been “countries” in any meaningful sense: both are and always have been “empires” run centrally by brutally despotic autocracies in Beijing and Moscow, respectively. This is, to borrow a phrase from Tacitus, the arcanum imperii, the secret of these empires: - that they are empires held together by force and not countries with common and universal values.

The West and the West alone possesses the universal ecumenical culture and wealth that can lead to a truly united ecumene. The biggest task that the West must attend to if it wishes to preserve its values well beyond the life of capitalism is to destroy these empires by reducing them to utter misery, forcing an exodus of their most valuable people. And this will happen. It will take a while, but it will happen. It is happening already. The demolition and destruction of the Chinese and Russian Empires is and must be the imprescindible goal of the West. It is a noble task, a supreme goal to which we must devote all our energies, all our efforts, all our thoughts. Amen.

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