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Wednesday 12 October 2011

Comment on David Pilling's FT Column

David Pilling at the FT ( has been a long-time apologist for the Chinese dictatorship in the most shameless and self-debasing manner. Not only is he incompetent to comment on economic matters - of which he displays such ignoble ignorance that one feels revulsion at the mere mention -, but also and most detestable and contemptible is his evident culpable commistion of economic fact and reality with a most vile and degenerate penchant (motivated and inspired by "interests" personal or pecuniary on which we can only speculate) for defending and propounding in every possible manner the interests of what is certainly the most odious and truculent dictatorship this sorry earth has ever endured!

What is evident in the comments by fellow readers of the FT (and something of which the FT Editors should take note) is the execration and disgust most of us feel at Pilling's biased and scabrous impertinence, at the way he seeks to defile and belittle and traduce our intelligence and noblest sentiments! He ought to be shamed and condemned persistently and infallibly and castigated each time he ventures to the assistance of a crumbling dictatorship that has its hours counted and nails well hammered into its coffin!

For the rest, for the facts and the lucid analysis that is, we would invite readers to read the intelligent, most informed and enlightened commentary by a true professional in Professor Michael Pettis at

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    Colonel Blinky | October 13 7:56am | Permalink

    Arendt : Amen! The best comment I have seen on the FT website ever!
    The sooner this tyrannical regime is toppled, the better for the entire world. They export their brand of despotism to other third world nations like Africa and parts of Latin America in their lust for global economic hegemony while distorting the social and economic fabrics of these places. It is high time this boil on the face of human rights was lanced once and for all.
    Let the barriers go up! Smoot Hawley has a simple message for trade usurpers.