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Thursday 13 October 2011

Further Comment on David Pilling Columnist at the FT

The pillaging and pillorying that I have reserved for David Pilling is entirely deserved and self-inflicted. Whenever and wherever democracies such those in which we live - imperfect but still "democracies" - are confronted and threatened by dictatorships as abominable and ruthless as the Communist Party of China, there arise in our midst the most infamous, ignoble, spineless and filthy species of larvae - such as the reptile named David Pilling - who are willing and ready to sell their souls, prostitute their minds, and traduce any kind of truth and value, however sacred and precious, for the sake of their own advancement, in the pursuit of their own pecuniary interest or blandishment, to an extent and to a degree that can inspire only disgust and execration in any and every human being still proud of this appellation.

May we note here our utter disgust and execration, our frustration and dismay at the continuing support that the Editorial Board of the Financial Times continue to afford to the filthy larva, this maggot and traitor of every value dear to humanity that David Pilling has wilfully become - by foisting his "Columns" and "Opinions" on us! Once more, as we have done again and again, we call on the FT Editors to sack and remove or at the very least silence this paid mouthpiece of the Chinese dictatorship who is a blot on the newspaper and a scar on the face of humanity that ought to be deleted and erased, obliterated and excised.

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