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Saturday 1 July 2023


 Here, in a nutshell, is the essence of my 'gripe' with van Onselen - the essential problem that he leaves out. This is a translation from today's Le Monde:

"The remarks made by Justin Trudeau to the New York Times in December 2015, asserting that there was "no fundamental identity in Canada, but shared values [that made the country] the first post-national state", continue to ring to the ears of Quebecers as a provocation and a threat.

 While the continuous call for immigration is experienced as a promise of development in the rest of Canada, Quebec sees in it the tool of diluting the idea of nation to which it remains so attached."

Justin Trudeau - a callow priggish imbecile in his best moments - does not understand that "post-nationalism" with migration from southeast Asia will turn Canada, like Australia, into the arse-licking suppliant slaves of "emperors" like Xi and Putin or Modi who rule over HOMOGENEOUS and COHESIVE - and HUNGRY!! - populations ready willing and soon even CAPABLE of...

DEVOURING deluded cowards like Westerners!

The fate of the West, now more than ever is - racial and cultural suicide.

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