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Friday 29 July 2011

Reclaiming Theory from Bourgeois "Syrens"

We wanted rapidly to draw three articles to our friends' attention that manage to do two useful things: inform us a little more on the "debt ceiling" situation, and remind us of how our commentary here is far superior to anything that even the brightest (and we mean that sincerely) pundits on financial matters can manage!

First of all, the Lex Column from the FT on the US dollar - you can see how 'Lex' does not understand the main reason for "the conundrum" that global capitalists buy more dollars even as "ratings agencies" prepare to devalue US debt!

Secondly, John Cassidy and especially James Surowiecki resort to fellow-bourgeois game-theoretic analyses from that charlatan-in-chief called Jon Elster and from the even greater "dog" called Thomas Schelling! We ought to remind our James Surowiecki (truly a fine gentleman) that with friends like these two, who spin miserable apologies for the status quo in the guise of "theory", we do not need enemies! So stop quoting them except to expose their infamy!

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