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Tuesday 16 April 2019

Martin Wolf's Ululations

It is true: old age addles the mind. Martin Wolf at the Financial Times is getting old - very and sadly so. Old people are also more prone to inducements - such as the ones offered to him by the Chinese Dictatorship. Each March, the Beijing kleptocracy invites (or suborns) Wolf to visit the Forbidden City and cover him in adulation. And each April - without fail - Wolf starts to sing like a canary, or ululate like a Wolf, all manner of besotted befuddled confusions about how great China - no, not "is", but "is about to become"! Or better, because the big bad ageing Wolf does not want to end up in hell as he most surely soon will, he hedges his bets and says"will probably become".

The hilariously despicable effort he has just made in the FT with his most recent column on artificial intelligence (but what will make up for his "deficient intelligence"?) is not worth reading, because the editors there will mistake people who like us laugh at Wolf with serious followers! If you really wish for a rib-tickler, nothing will do the job better than this ragbag of generalities, Chinese-sponsored lies, and sci-fi nonsense. Soon, this Blog will have more readers than Wolf can command even from the lunatic heights of the Financial Times putrid columns he still manages to cobble together! Dogs bark at trees - and Wolf ululates to the moon!

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