Commentary on Political Economy

Saturday, 18 April 2020


Finally, the Chinese Dictatorship is getting its come-uppance. From a myriad places, from countless voices, the sheer disgust and revulsion that this most heinous, murderous, mendacious and vile regime and its Han Chinese People that our sorry Earth has ever witnessed is leading to the massive opposition and counter-attack that we could only have dreamed of only a few short years ago. We should like to remind our friends and readers that we were among the very first voices, along with only a handful of others, to call for a holy alliance and war against this most pernicious Evil Han Chinese Empire, often likening it to the Plague depicted by Werner Herzog in his brilliantly instructive film, “Nosferatu: The Vampyr”.

At long last, to repeat, it has taken a Plague in the shape of the Chinese Virus and its devastating consequences to bring home to the rest of the world just how horrendously dangerous and deleterious the Chinese Dictatorship together with its Party, henchmen and fellow travellers are in two salient senses: first, in the sense of omission, because in the face of even a “natural” catastrophe such as a contagious disease, the Dictatorship’s first nefarious instinct is to protect its domination over its own people and the rest of the world rather than address the common threat in a timely and concerted manner; and second, in the sense that after it has failed by omission to alert its own people and the rest of us to the common danger, it then turns with despicably cruel methodical perseverance to exploit even a common evil to its own exclusive advantage in a maniacal ploy to extend its murderous dominance over all countries and peoples of the earth!

The reason why we keep emphasising the importance of adding "and its Han Chinese People" to all our references to the Chinese Dictatorship is exceedingly simple: the Han Chinese People, either through membership of the Chinese Communist Party (100 million) or by virtue of being directly involved in its military-industrial complex, or by sheer acquiescence to its abominable totalitarian rule, are complicit and indeed eager enthusiastic promoters of the Evil Chinese Dictatorship and its Empire both by acts and by omissions - just as Germans were in the Nazi Dictatorship and Russians in the Stalinist, or indeed Italians in Mussolini's Fascism. The way we should like our friends and readers to approach all Han Chinese People is this: when you see them breathe, talk, walk, simply imagine that they were wearing a Nazi swastika armband. - Unless, unless they explicitly renounce and denounce the Chinese Dictatorship as an Evil that needs to be stamped out and obliterated from the face of this planet.

Heinous crimes and sins against humanity, then, equal to and indeed now surmounting in scale and atrocity those committed by the Hitlerian Nazi German Dictatorship and the Stalinist Soviet Russian one. Not all evil comes to harm us: by finally alerting us to the mortal nefarious danger posed by the Chinese Han Dictatorship and its People, the Chinese Virus may prove to be the bugle that awakens us and leads the Free World to safety. It is up to us, Free Citizens of the World, to turn this horrific menace into a reclamation of lasting Freedom and Peace for all of humanity.

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