Commentary on Political Economy

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Barro Postscriptum

There is one area, if only one, where Barro is right - albeit for all the wrong reasons: the coming crises of governments. I encourage our friends to reaf through our contributions below which, as you will see, are all about "crisis". Yet I would like to ask Herr Professor Barro one question, one only! Is is not strange that while we all know for a fact (!) that the capitalist economic system is in the middle of a huge "crisis" - is it not strange that the likes of Barro and all his coterie of abominable bourgeois "economic scientists" do not concede that their "science" is also in crisis!!?? If they are not, then they certainly should be! And they should change their "scientific instruments" mighty quickly - before we bash them over the head with far weightier "instruments"! Ciao.

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