Commentary on Political Economy

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Capitalism Is A Riot!

Of course, we are not indifferent to events all over England. There is not much "to analyse" there! I would only make one observation: it is a measure of the "distance", the utter and despicable bloody-mindedness of the English ruling class that it should see these events - an expression of the desperation and frustration and sheer hopelessness of English young people, people who have a whole life before them that these rotten bastards would wish to burn from the outset, before it even starts! to condemn to penury and misery, destitution and uselessness - unemployment! - just as it is at its most creative and productive!

Shame on anyone, a curse on all these gutless criminals who dare describe US as criminals, as hooligans! We are saying ENOUGH!! Enough of your exploitation! Enough of your Queens and Princes and Establishments - of your rock stars, your football stars, your role models, your Olympic Games, your rotten, decaying, collapsing "culture"!! We are done with you! We will not have peace until this system, its institutions, its economy, its society make way for our energies, for our vitality, for our needs!!

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