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Wednesday 17 August 2011

La Crisi Italiana - 'Corriere' Editorial

This post is dedicated to those valiant, courageous and beautiful young people in Spain who call themselves (with every right) "indignados" and who are demonstrating now against the hypocrisy and totalitarian fraud that is the Papacy. The rapid spread of "indignation" and tumults across Europe is now worrying the European bourgeoisie very seriously and causing it to reach into its reactionary recesses to find explanations, reasons, motivations for what is happening. But there is no need to go that far: we know perfectly well what is happening and we are showing it.

It is a pity for those who do not read Italian, because the Editorial in 'Il Corriere della Sera' that we have linked above is a perfect example of the "desperation" now beginning to show on the lurid bourgeois faces of bourgeois Europe.

The editors of 'Il Corriere' can see that the public debt of nation-states has to do with the antagonism of people like us. What they are beginning to say is that public deficits and debt are due largely to the excess of "greed" and "individualism" brought about by "modern society" and by the decline in "values" - morality, patriotism, love, friendship, community - that used to compensate for lower living standards in the past.

Very well! Beautiful! So remember my friends the "cri de coeur" of our benighted political leaders! To solve the economic and political problems of our rulers we need to convert to "moral values", to live with less (live like Chinese workers?) and to be more obedient (like the Japanese?) - THAT will solve the problems of underinvestment and speculation (but are these not the effects of "capitalist" actions or inactions? of the abuse and under-use of "our" resources?).

Once againn, I wish you could all read this editorial because it is a perfect Manifesto for Communism - OUR communism - which is not the infamous one of "the hammer and sickle". Our communism is that of "wealth", of full use of all of our resources, all of our human potential!

We defy, deny and renege THEIR "values": we are young and we want to live to the full - real life! - not "their" deathly "values"!

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