Thursday, 30 January 2020


Venice was once a thriving and powerful empire whose wealth was derived from the earliest form of capitalist enterprise as distinct from capitalist industry – merchant capitalism. Indeed, the earliest use of the word for capitalist introduced by Cantillon was “entre-preneur”, which meant literally in French “taker-between”, in reference to a merchant who buys low and sells dear, thereby making a profit from trade.

Of course, once industrial capitalism took over, merchant capitalism was doomed and Venice relinquished its supremacy to the great capitalist industrial nation-states of the North, from Britain, to France, and then Germany. Ever since, lacking the ability for industrial production through the exploitation of living labour, Venice fell back increasingly on tourism as its only “industry”.
And tourism is the reason why Venice is irreparably sinking into the Lagoon – sinking physically and metaphorically. – Because, you see, tourism is not an “industry”. Tourism does not produce anything; it merely uses what is already available and cannot be increased or even improved. Tourism is mere hospitality – menial service, sheer slavery, servitude. And Venetians are sinking into servitude because tourism is a “passive” service that corrodes Venetians by lulling them into passivity, inaction, servility and laziness – and then tourism also corrupts because once tourism makes people dependent on the charity of tourists, the only way for Venetians to increase their incomes is either by cutting costs – which leads to inferior service and lower quality tourism, or by fraudulent cheating and gambling, which again leads to inferior tourism and the spread of parasitic activities such as drug dealing and gambling, prostitution and what have you.

The biggest corruptors of Venetians are Han Chinese rats. These inferior forms of lowlife, these parasitic all-devouring locusts come to Venice in loads and loads of tour buses on flights sponsored by the Communist Chinese Dictatorship. They stay in hotels run by Chinese Rats who promptly remit all earnings back to the Chinese Ratland, with little gain for Italians and Venetians particularly.
The Communist Chinese Dictatorship encourages and sponsors this form of tourism purely for ideological propagandistic reasons. Chinese tourism on the part of millions of Communist Party members serves to encourage the party loyalty of these vile miserable henchmen because it makes them feel superior to Venetians who ought to know better.

The same can be said of all Chinese Rat tourism in all parts of the world. – Which is why Western democracies must stop immediately this propagandistic practice from the Butchers of Beijing and tell Han Chinese Rats that they are NOT WELCOME in our democracies!

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