Commentary on Political Economy

Tuesday, 28 February 2023


 Della Loggia in Corriere today summarises what I've been saying for years now (Google translation):

"But how many are there, I wonder, the Italians who feel such a duty today? How many women and men are therefore willing to think that there are causes for which it is right to put aside one's daily existence with its small and not so small pleasures, its comfortable habits, and accept renunciations, inconveniences, dangers, perhaps even to risk your own life? Because war is this. War calls into play the tenacity, willpower, courage, even the self-sacrifice of which we are capable, and therefore the personal and collective values ​​with which we were educated and in which we grew up. By its nature it evokes the idea that there is something more important and therefore greater than our lives. In this sense it is in its own way a terrible test of altruism.

 Which the Ukrainians are dealing with in the known way. And perhaps our local pacifism is only remorse (perhaps even a repressed regret?) for the awareness of no longer being capable of being like them."

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